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2018 Bank of America Chicago Marathon Application

Thank you for your interest in joining One Mission to help brighten the road to recovery for kids fighting cancer and their families.

One Mission is a pediatric cancer foundation that does whatever it takes to help kids get through cancer.  We just do it in a different way. Rather than fund long-term solutions like research, One Mission programs and services provide immediate relief from the relentless wrath cancer unleashes every single day.  Our programs and services lift the spirits of patients and their families, help the healing and recovery process and make life a little easier during treatment and hospitalization.  All of our programs directly benefit children and adolescents diagnosed with cancer, the families who support them, and the medical community who compassionately cares for them.

Please complete the application. Completion of this application does not guarantee you a spot on the team. You will be informed by One Mission if you’ve been chosen as a member.

If you are selected to the team, a $50 non-refundable fee must be made to One Mission to confirm your spot.

Runners are responsible for their race registration fee paid directly to the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

For more information please contact:
Kimberly Chisholm

2018 Bank of America Chicago Marathon Application

    Note: Runners are responsible for paying their race registration fee.
  • Runner Information

  • Please answer the following questions so that we can get to know you.

  • Fundraising Experience:

  • Running Experience

  • Should you be accepted to the Team, One Mission will contact you to provide a valid credit card to keep on file. Should you not meet the fundraising requirement of $1,500 by October 31, 2018 your card will be charged the remaining balance.
  • One Mission, Inc.

    Terms and Conditions of Participation on One Mission

    Bank of America Chicago Marathon Team, October 7, 2018

    The (“Applicant”) desires to participate on the One Mission, Inc. (“One Mission”) team in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon to be held in Chicago, Illinois on October 7, 2018 (the “Race”). Applicant hereby acknowledges and agrees that registration in the Race as a member of the One Mission team (the “Team”) will be subject to confirmation of acceptance and approval of Applicant’s application. In the event Applicant is accepted to the Team, applicant must then register with the Bank of America Chicago Marathon through the designated registration link that will be sent to the Applicant. Applicants are responsible for their own entry fee, paid directly to the Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

    Release and Contribution Commitment:  Applicant hereby waives and releases any and all claims for damages Applicant may have against One Mission and its employees, volunteers, consultants and product sponsors (collectively the “One Mission Releasees”) for any and all injuries suffered or sustained by Applicant which are in any way related to the Race, including, without limitation, resulting and/or related to training, planning sessions and travel. Applicant further hereby agrees to defend, indemnify and hold the One Mission Releasees harmless from any such claims and/or actions. Applicant hereby agrees that the foregoing release shall apply to and be binding upon Applicant’s heirs, executors, administrators and legal representatives.  Applicant further attests and certifies that Applicant is physically fit and will have sufficiently trained for the Race and that, at a reasonable time prior to the Race, Applicant’s qualified medical doctor shall verify to Applicant that his/her physical condition is suitable for participation in the Race.

    Publicity Rights:  Applicant hereby grants One Mission the irrevocable, perpetual right to use, in any manner, Applicant’s name, photograph, likeness and voice in broadcast, telecast, print and/or in any other account of or relating to the Race, and hereby waives (a) any right to receive compensation for such use and (b) any claim related to such use, including, without limitation, invasion of privacy and right to publicity claims.

    Fundraising Minimum Requirement::  Should Applicant be accepted to the Team, Applicant is required to create a CrowdRise fundraising page on (instructions will be sent to Applicant by One Mission). At this time, it is mandatory for Applicant to input Applicant’s credit card information. That credit card will remain on file for the duration of Applicant’s fundraising and will be charged the remainder of the fundraising minimum of one thousand five hundred dollars ($1,500.00), if the minimum is not met by October 31, 2018. In no event shall Applicant fail to turn over to One Mission all amounts collected as donations in connection with Applicant’s participation in the Race, and Applicant hereby agrees to be personally liable to One Mission for any shortfall and consents to One Mission/CrowdRise charging the shortfall to Applicant’s credit card. In the event that Applicant fails to submit Applicant’s valid credit card, One Mission shall have the right to revoke Applicant’s membership on the Team. Applicant hereby consents to any collection action taken by One Mission against Applicant following Applicant’s failure to pay any shortfall and/or for Applicant’s failure to turn over all amounts collected by Applicant in connection with Applicant’s acceptance on the Team and/or participation in the Race, and further agrees that One Mission shall be entitled to an award of all costs of collection and reasonable attorneys fees in connection with any such action. If Applicant does not run the Bank of America Chicago Marathon for any reason, including injury, Applicant is still responsible for the fundraising minimum, and Applicant’s credit card will be charged as indicated above.

    Applicant hereby designates the following person(s) as the person(s) to contact in case of an emergency.

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