Event Host Liability Agreement. I understand that One Mission does not endorse or support any activities that include: alcohol; aircraft; motorized vehicles; fireworks; firearms; contact sports; any other inherently dangerous activities that may cause injury to its participants; or any activities, communications or publications that are illicit or illegal in nature. If I conduct a fundraising event on behalf of One Mission, I acknowledge and agree that One Mission has no control over the event, or management responsibilities for such event, and, therefore, cannot and will not be held responsible or liable to any bodily injury, personal injury, advertising injury, property damage, economic damage and/or reputational damage that may occur as a result of such fundraising event and/or activities associated with or incidental to such event (such injury or damages, including claims for such injury or damages, “Losses”). By sponsoring, holding and/or managing a fundraiser to benefit One Mission, I accept all responsibility and liability for all claims of Losses and agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless One Mission, its directors, officers, employees, independent contractors and agents from and against all claims and Losses. I also understand that raffles are not permitted or endorsed by One Mission, and therefore agree not to conduct a raffle to benefit One Mission.

Event Host Guidelines. I agree to adhere to all of the following guidelines if hosting a fundraising event on behalf of One Mission:

  • The event will represent One Mission in a positive light;
  • Online fundraising must be done through the website pages issued by One Mission;
  • Use of the One Mission logos must be approved in advance by One Mission;
  • Funds raised from the event must be submitted to One Mission within forty-five (45) days of the event date;
  • Raffles are NOT PERMITTED, however, the event host may conduct an opportunity drawing (a.k.a. sweepstakes) if the proper regulations are followed. Opportunity Drawing Conduct & Disclosure Guidelines are noted below.

Opportunity Drawing Conduct & Disclosure Guidelines

Opportunity Drawing Overview:

If you’re hosting an event to benefit One Mission, you may conduct opportunity drawings (a.k.a. sweepstakes), however raffles are NOT permitted. An opportunity drawing is a game of chance that results in awarding prize(s) to one or more winners. An opportunity drawing is not a raffle because with an opportunity drawing no payment is required to participate.

Opportunity Drawing Conduct:

The following disclosures must be made to all opportunity drawing participants. These disclosures must be displayed on a sign at the site of the opportunity drawing and on other applicable materials:

  • No purchase necessary to enter. This statement MUST be both clear and visible to all opportunity drawing participants. You may ask for a suggested gift, but you may not require participants to pay for entry into an opportunity drawing.
  • Maximum 50 entries per person. One Mission recommends that you include this statement on all your opportunity drawing materials to protect against someone asking for an unlimited amount of free tickets. This number applies to both free and paid entries. You may adjust the number of entries per person to suit your event.
  • Opportunity drawing entries are tax deductible. Gifts received through opportunity drawings are considered charitable contributions.
  • Consumer protection information. In order conduct a successful opportunity drawing, you must also disclose all of the following information:
    • A full and fair description of the prize(s)
    • The fair market value of the prize(s)
    • The date of the opportunity drawing
    • Any other information which might cause someone not to buy a ticket (restrictions, etc.)
Helpful Hints:
  • Make a good faith estimate of the fair market value of the collected prizes.
  • Be sure to collect participant contact information (name, phone number, address) on each drawing ticket. This is also a great way to collect contact information for people who are at your event and may be willing to attend again next year.
  • Record all paid entries to your opportunity drawing on your Community Buzz Off Revenue Log, as these gifts are charitable contributions.
  • Record the name(s) and contact information of your winner(s). Opportunity drawing prizes are taxable as ordinary income.
  • Prizes must be awarded. You may want to draw more than one name at your drawing so that alternate winners are available, in case a prize winner declines.

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