We’re Here For You

You have been through what some would call their worst nightmare.  Your child had cancer!  What you have just lived through, many will never understand. You just watched your child fight for his or her life, for what may have seemed like an eternity. You lost all control over protecting your child from pain and suffering.

Every parent’s worst nightmare.

Everyone told you how strong you were, that they couldn’t have done what you did. You bet you are strong! You showed up every single day for your child, put on your game face and became the foundation of strength for your child, for your family to lean on.

Even the strongest people in the world, need help healing after a trauma.

Pediatric cancer is a traumatic event, for the children AND for their parents.

Welcome to Heart to Heart.  A place for you to begin your healing journey after your child’s cancer treatment is over.

Even strong people cry. Even strong people experience broken hearts, anxiety, sadness and fear.

Cancer may have taken away your control for a while, but here with One Mission, you will begin to gain back your personal power back. One day at a time, one blog post at a time one healing event at a time, you will begin to feel true happiness again.

The HEARTS at One Mission have lived your same journey, our children had cancer too. Together, as only other cancer parents can, we will heal through the trauma and find our new found strength, a new normal after the journey of pediatric cancer.

We are here for you.  You are not alone.


Your One Mission HEARTS

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