Relaxation & Stress Management

A list of practitioners who will give free or discounted reiki, massage or acupuncture sessions to Heart to Heart members

Energy Healing with Michelle Poverman

Feeling Fried? Overwhelmed? Or perhaps you are ready to connect with the calm inner wisdom that exists within you. As an Energy Therapist, Michelle works with a variety of mind/body/spirit energy healing techniques such as Reiki and Full Spectrum Healing. Each session will help to clear out old emotions, calm the nervous system, deepen your sense of self and support you in being more present in life and therefore more connected with others you love. These healings are subtle yet work deep to distress and rebalance our entire system!


Reiki with Makenzie Tonelli

We all have the innate ability to access and learn to trust our inner wisdom. It is a source of internal guidance that is essential to our journey to wholeness and balance. When we experience life at this level of self-awareness, we deepen our ability to heal at all levels of our being – mind, body, and spirit. Through the sacred art of Reiki, an ancient hands-on energy healing technique, I help individuals activate their self-healing abilities, reconnect to their most authentic self, and restore energetic balance. It is my passion to support individuals in finding a level of personal balance most optimal for living a life that is full, purposeful, and guided by love and inner wisdom.


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