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Stress Management

These relaxation and stress management programs are designed to reduce stress and promote emotional and physical well-being for both patients and caregivers.

Yoga_Mats2Caregiver Relaxation

Parents of sick children often forget to take time for their own health and mood and can feel guilty when they do. One Mission grants funding to a series of events aimed at reducing stress and promoting physical and emotional wellness to the parents of the brave children we help.  These programs include, relaxation activities including massages, yoga, Reiki and acupressure.   Books, brochures, and CDs about relaxation techniques are also available for parents and caregivers. Each year, One Mission funds over 75 wellness events.

jay_okie_yoga_01Yoga for Kids

The program will teach yoga skills to children to help manage the stress of cancer treatment. Yoga skills (starting with the basics of deep breathing, stretching, and mindfulness) enhance stress management, pain management, relaxation, and body image.

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