the power of the arts

Helping kids heal through

Art & Music Therapy

These creative therapies are designed to lift the spirits of patients, promote healing, and provide an outlet for emotional expression.

Art Therapy

Art can provide positive distraction and therapeutic activity while in the hospital.  One Mission provides art kits that are customized to the child’s interests. Depending on the preference of the child, a box may contain paint and paint brushes, sewing supplies, or memory making materials.

MusicMusic Therapy

Music therapy is the use of music by health care professionals to promote healing and enhance quality of life for their patients.  Music therapy may be used to encourage emotional expression, promote social interaction and relieve symptoms.  There is some evidence that, when used with conventional treatment, music therapy can help to reduce pain and relieve chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting.  It may also relieve stress and provide an overall sense of well-being.  One Mission funds the staffing of a Music therapist exclusively for the oncology floor at Boston Children’s Hospital.

Artist In Residence Program

This healing arts program is designed to lift the spirits of children with cancer, bring smiles to their faces, and make life a little easier for their families, too. It features a rotating roster of artists that visit patients as well as activities and treats for children and their families to enjoy.

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